Dis console table and box

Dis console table and box

Prices Inc. Vat:

90cm - black £509.00
90cm - light grey £509.00
120cm - black £601.00
90cm - light grey £601.00

Add box:

Small - black £111.00
Small - light grey £111.00
Small angled - black £111.00
Small angled - light grey £111.00
Large - black £139.00
Large - light grey £139.00

With its reversible top, the console table is completely stripped of unnecessary details, leaving the objects placed on it playing the main role. The console table has a simplicity that suits most rooms, making it a multifunctional and timeless piece of furniture. To complement the console tables, we have designed Dis boxes in several variants. The storage boxes can be placed on top of the console table or on the shelf. To see an image of the box please see lifestyle image.

Console table:
Depth: 30 cm
Width: 90cm / 120cm
Height: 75 cm

Small box:
Depth: 28cm
Width: 28cm
Height: 17 cm

Small angled box:
Depth: 28cm
Width: 28cm
Height: 23cm

Large box:
Depth: 28cm
Width: 59cm
Height: 17cm

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