Spine Lounge Suite Petit

Spine Lounge Suite Petit

Prices Start From Inc. Vat:

Black lacquered ash - fabric upholstered £1983.00
Black lacquered ash - leather upholstered £2189.00
Lacquered oak - fabric upholstered £2404.00
Lacquered oak - leather upholstered £2476.00
Smoked oak - fabric upholstered £2643.00
Smoked oak - leather upholstered £2723.00

Spine Lounge Suite Petit is a light lounge chair for private homes or open lounge areas. The generous use of materials is balanced by its discreet design. The accented detailing on the wooden back makes the chair as beautiful standing mid-room as it is against a wall. The cushions come with optional Velcro fixing.

The Spine Lounge Suite Petit
is available in two different woods, 6 different fabrics, multiple colour options and 4 different leather options. 

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Prices start from the above.

Height: 69 cm
Seat Height: 41 cm
Width: 65 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Weight: 17.5 kg

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