Eligne pendant

Eligne pendant

This pendant contains a high quality double LED strip and is ideal as work lighting at a desk, or above a kitchen worktop. If desired, the Eligne pendant is also available with steel cable to hang it instead of chains.

 Dim to warm - This dimming option is available. As the light dims the warmth of the light goes up creating a cosy glow. As it becomes brighter the light becomes cooler, perfect for tasks such as work or food preparation.

Eligne 100:
Length: 1000mm
Bulb: 25W Dimmable LED Warm white

Eligne 125:
Length: 1250mm
Bulb: 32W Dimmable LED Warm white

Eligne 150:
Length: 1500mm
Bulb: 39W Dimmable LED Warm white

Eligne 200:
Length: 2000mm
Bulb: 56W Dimmable LED Warm white

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Prices Inc. Vat:

Eligne 100 £877.00
Eligne 125 £1158.00
Eligne 150 £1404.00
Eligne 200 £1566.00

Metalwork finish:

Brushed nickel

Dimming option:

Standard dimming
Dim to warm
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