Model 1063 Floor Light

Model 1063 Floor Light

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The Model 1063 Floor Light designed in 1954 was a true avant-garde design at the time, and with its minimalistic silhouette, it continues to complement even the most modern setting. In Model 1063, Gino Sarfatti seeks to demonstrate the aesthetic value of a visible light source, the fluorescent tubular bulb, and more luminaires and models followed the first ornamental example in the subsequent years.

Emitting direct or reflected light, the floor lamp is composed of a thin black or white-painted aluminium tube, which houses the light source. The aluminium base is balanced by an aluminium box, a rounded rectangular section that contains the power supply. The two parts are connected via two steel rods arranged in an unusual off-centre position that appears to estrange them from each other while at the same time lending the luminaire a sense of equilibrium in a seemingly magical way.

In the re-issue, the original f luorescent tube has been replaced with an LED module with variable temperature regulation as well as a light dimming function.

Aluminium Structure, Steel Counterweight

Height: 2150mm
Width: 350 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Bulb: Integrated LED 572500lm 2700-5000K
Dimmable: Yes

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