Poul Henningsen

Considered to be the world’s first lighting architect, Poul Henningsen devoted his entire career to revolutionising how we use light in the home. Born in 1894 in Denmark, he gained prominence in 1925 when he started what would become a lifelong collaboration with the famed lighting manufacturer, Louis Poulsen. A notable author, critic, architect, and designer, Poul Henningsen focused his work on the rise of urban living. This ultimately led him to investigate the importance of light in metropolitan life, and explore how to subdue the harshness of electric light while harnessing its mood-altering properties.

Bound by the belief that the aesthetic of an interior is highly dependent on how light is used, Henningsen created an extensive series of lamps eponymously named PH. Using an intricate combination of layered shades to both spread light and conceal the light bulb, Henningsen managed to create soft, diffused lighting completely free from glare - a feat of design ingenuity. Highly sought after to this day, Poul Henningsen’s luminary masterpieces continue to be produced by Louis Poulsen.

Design Portfolio

PH5 Pendant

The most iconic lighting design of the 20th century, the PH5 Pendant was originally designed in 1958 and has been manufactured ever since by Denmark’s prestigious lighting manufacturer, Louis Poulsen. Based on Henningsen’s celebrated three-shade system, the PH5 Pendant directs the majority of its light downwards making its illumination free from glare, while simultaneously creating a sculptural effect. A truly clever design, the lamp features four shades crafted from powder-coated spun aluminium in a range of eye-catching hues, and is accented by rolled aluminium struts in a bronze finish. Complemented by a coordinating white ceiling rose and textile cord, the PH5 Pendant light is the epitome of refinement.

PH Artichoke Changelier

Originally designed in 1958 for the exclusive Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen where it still hangs to this day, the PH Artichoke Chandelier is an instantly-recognisable design icon. Featuring 72 delicate steel leaves precisely positioned across 12 rows, the PH Artichoke not only resembles its namesake, but offers a completely glare-free glow throughout any space. Suspended from chrome-plated spun aluminium cables and finished with a coordinating ceiling rose, this masterful light comes in four sizes to suit any interior dimensions. In order to ensure the high quality and breathtaking elegance of the PH Artichoke, it continues to be crafted by hand at Louis Poulsen’s workshop in Denmark.