Philippe Starck

The ‘enfant terrible’ of design, Philippe Starck is one of the world’s most famous product designers and is considered a master of postmodern décor. Active in the design world since 1969, Starck has a catalogue of over 10,000 creations to his name. 

Obsessed with form, Starck’s bold, unconventional and narrative-driven pieces have reshaped and reimagined how we furnish our living spaces. To add to this, his versatility has ensured that each item he produces is simultaneously singular in its look, and able to enhance a setting.

Starck has always believed in democratic design, or making unique design accessible to the greatest number of people, and throughout his career he has achieved this. From sculptural lemon squeezers and transparent furniture to restaurant interiors, his undeniably subversive yet endlessly creative products are proof of his visionary mind.

Design Portfolio

Bonjour Versailles Table Light

Born out of Philippe Starck’s desire to create pieces where “history becomes modern”, the Bonjour Versailles table light was made to bring the Empire style into the 21st century. Featuring an intricately carved transparent body crowned with a chrome plate, the Bonjour Versailles table light contains innovative LED Edge lighting technology that gives the impression the lamp is bathed in light from the inside. This optical play allows for the diffusion of a warm natural light. Conveying lightness and a sense of empirical modernity, this stunning table light evokes memories of the past and notions of the future.

In Vitro Unplugged Table Lamp

A pure architectural column of light, the In Vitro unplugged table lamp was created to allow an effortless flow of light from the inside to the outdoors. Requiring no unsightly wires or cables to hinder its design or portability, this handy table lamp features a lightweight design and silicone handle making it a true reimagining of a lantern. Point-like LEDs are hidden within its opalescent diffuser offering a soft, uniform and glare-free glow that is also dimmable to create the perfect ambience inside or out.

Guns Beside Table

Designed to shock and awe, Starck’s Guns beside table is a true pièce de resistance. Modelled on the design of a Beretta pistol, the body of the lamp is finished in an 18K gold plating, and complemented by a matte black shade. Its controversial design is a multitudinous commentary on the fragility of life, whilst its luxurious aesthetic embodies extravagant excess. The lamp is perfect as either a direct reading light or as ambient lighting, and contains an electronic dimmer on the lamp’s cable to allow users to regulate the light’s brightness to suit their needs. An eye-catching addition to any beside table, sideboard or desk.