Petite Friture

Petite Friture values beauty that resonates, surprises, and uplifts. Each collection is infused with sensitivity and poetry, seeking to create an escape into a dream world. The feisty, quirky, and surreal undertones that make the brand unique are present in every collection, which tell a story waiting to be lived. Petite Friture has spent the last 10 years seeking out objects that are daring, inspiring, and unusual, inviting people to embark on a new dreamland journey with every collection.

Petite Friture's true ethos and attitude is about focusing on the essentials, where meaning is everything. This is seen in the ultra-thin metal indoor/outdoor 'Fromme' chair by Tom Chung, which draws on his own life story as an avid cyclist seeking to reproduce the same efficiency of design found in his road bike. The chair's shock absorbers under the seat plate provide unparalleled comfort, inspired by the technical prowess of bike design. Generosity exudes from every project, from the 'Week-end' collection of outdoor furniture by the Brichet-Ziegler studio to the 'Succession' ceramics by Färg & Blanche and Revol, creating fond memories to be shared with others.

Petite Friture
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