Holloway of Ludlow

BROKIS – a synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans. Based in the Czech Republic, BROKIS produces exclusive glass lighting born of the skill of outstanding artisans continuing the age-old Bohemian glassblowing tradition.

The company’s portfolio features modern, functional lighting fixtures, decorative objects, and unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers. With its own high-capacity production facilities rooted in more than two hundred years of history, Brokis is known for expierimenting with materials, techniques, and technologies. The company continually seeks talented new glass designers and gives them the opportunity to bring their creative visions to life. Brokis takes great pride in its top-quality craftsmanship, large-volume glassblowing, simplicity of construction, and flexible customer service.