Holloway of Ludlow

 Bestlite was the creation of Robert Dudley Best who was heir to the worlds largest lighting factory in Birmingham, England in 1920. The factory was established as far back as 1840, but in spite of the factorys long history, Robert Best felt that the lamp designs of the factory were outdated.In 1925 Robert visited the International Exhibition of Modern Design in Paris. 

Many of the designs exhibited were greatly influenced by the Bauhaus ideas, and Robert was particularly impressed by the work of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. After that, he began his studies of industrial design in Düsseldorf and Paris. By the end of his studies he designed the Bestlite.

When Robert returned to Birmingham in 1930, he was determined to put the Bestlite into production. As the design was so different from the factorys traditional designs, it took a while before his father approved a trial production.

Although Robert had great expectations for the Bestlite, the first lamps did not quite end up where he expected. They were sold to car repair shops, where they were appreciated for their functionality.

A few also found their way to some visionary architects desks. This led to a feature article in the prominent architectural magazine Architects Journal. Bestlite was featured as the first Bauhaus manifestation in England. The interest soon increased dramatically, and when Winston Churchill chose the Bestlite for his desk in Whitehall, success was inevitable.