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Designed with maximum comfort and minimum details

Crafted for ultimate comfort and timeless appeal, the Mags and Mags Soft Sofa by HAY merge strong aesthetics with enduring design. Solid construction, high-density foam, and customisable modular units provide longevity and adaptability.

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The low frame and deep seats offer a distinctly loungy feel, enhanced in the Mags Low Armrest Sofa for a more open, welcoming ambiance.

Explore limitless customisation with functional modular units, adapting seamlessly to any room or purpose. Explore a range of sizes from 2 and 2.5 seaters so smaller homes and apartments up to 3 seaters and larger confirgurations for big families and larger home.

Choose from a variety of upholstery options and colours to give each sofa its own unique personality.

Mags Vs Mags Soft

You might be thinking what is the difference but look no further here we will explain the subtle differences between the two sofa ranges. 


The Mags Sofa and Mags Low Armrest Sofa combine strong aesthetics with timelessness to create a HAY classic. Keeping superior comfort and quality in mind, both models are built using a solid construction with durable, highdensity foam and interior padding for optimal longevity.

The low frame and deep seats have a distinctly loungy feel, which is further reinforced in the Mags Low Armrest Sofa by the lower armrests that create a more open, welcoming space.

Mags Soft

With more rounded edges and softer cushions that create a milder, relaxed tone. Optimal comfort and durability are ensured by the sofa’s solid construction, which has been built using durable, high-density foam and covered with a duvet for extra softness.

The low frame has a distinctly lounge feel, which is reinforced by the deep seats and results in an open, welcoming space.

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Frame - Hardwood plywood frame

Seat, back & armrest - Polyurethane foam

Legs - Black stained beech legs with felt pads

Mags Soft


Frame - Hardwood plywood frame

Seat, back & armrest - Polyurethane foam and duvet with 30% recycled fibre filling and 70% granulated foam filling.

Legs - Black stained beech legs with feltpads.

Stitching - Stitching in black, white, light grey, dark grey or beige

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Review of the HAY Mags Corner Sofa Combination 2

I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of my Hay Mags Corner Sofa Combination 2. It's a well-built piece, and I can tell it's going to last for years to come. The comfort level is beyond amazing!

I love how I can rearrange the modular design to fit different moods and occasions.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase—stylish, comfy, and built to last. Highly, highly recommended!

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An image for every configuration

Experience a distinctive advantage when shopping the Mags sofa collection at Holloways of Ludlow - each listed configuration on our site is accompanied by an image showcasing the sofa in the correct fabric choice.

This unique feature empowers you to visually assess and choose the best configuration and colour that perfectly suits your space.

Shop with confidence, seeing exactly what you'll get for a seamless and personalised shopping experience.

Mags Sofa Maintenance 

Over time, your sofa will need some attention to ensure that the cushions remain plump and the seat cushion keeps its shape. To ensure that the cushions’ filling is spread evenly, follow these steps to plump the cushions. Repeat regularly when needed. 

The helpful video shows you exactly how to keep your Mags sofa looking brand new.

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Spotlight on: Michael Anastassiades

Continually transforming light...

Cypriot-born, London-based designer Michael Anastassiades has been creating pieces on the border between fine art and design for over 20 years. In a career spanning a mix of product, furniture and environmental design, he has remained true to his philosophy of creating exceptionally designed objects of permanent value. Combining industrial processes with artisanal techniques, his work breathes new life into interiors, and provokes dialogue and interaction from the user.

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