Jess Design

Effortlessly pure and beautiful, seductive and extremely comfortable.

About Jess Design

Jess Designs has a rich history rooted in the picturesque city of Oss, where both their innovative design and meticulous production processes have flourished. This Dutch brand exudes authenticity, proudly crafting furniture that embodies the essence of their heritage. Their showroom serves as a captivating gallery, showcasing an array of furniture models and families. A touch of daring creativity sets Jess apart – a uniqueness evident in their striking colour palettes and distinctive forms.

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Jess Designs has mastered the art of crafting furniture that is not just different, but also alluringly seductive and inherently pure. Characterized by sleek lines, comfortable materials, and contemporary frames, Jess creations seamlessly integrate into any home or garden. The Jess team's ingenuity lies in their ability to create harmonious ensembles while ensuring each piece retains its unique identity. Jess Designs remains a familiar and pure presence in the realm of design, standing as a testament to over 30 years of innovative and captivating craftsmanship.

Different, Seductive, Pure.


Jess stands apart with its unparalleled uniqueness; occasionally venturing into the unconventional yet consistently dependable. Their furniture possesses an elusive quality that sets it apart from the rest, characterized by a daring spirit that is vividly evident in their vibrant color palette and unmistakable forms.

Enchanting and captivating, Jess holds an irresistible allure. A single gaze is all it takes to be entranced, yet its allure goes beyond surface charm. Every fiber emanates an enticing appeal, and as you settle into its embrace, mere promises gracefully metamorphose into tangible realities.


Jess embodies inherent natural beauty, a reflection as sincere as the inspirations that guide us. Even the most delicate intricacies unveil nature's essence. In its pure simplicity, Jess finds its completeness, unburdened by the need for embellishments.

Iconic Designs

Beal Lounge Chair Without Arms

Experience the quintessence of relaxation through Jess Designs' Beal Lounge Chair, a masterpiece in sumptuous comfort. Immerse yourself in a lavish array of leathers, cocooning you in pure indulgence. The gently reclined seating position ensures an exceptionally gratifying lounging journey. Simultaneously, the triangular arc frame boasts a cutting-edge design, characterized by rounded edges that seamlessly harmonize with the subtle curved angles of the backrest and seat.

Norman Chair With Arms

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Jess Designs' Norman Chair with arms, a genuine testament to their design mastery. Evolving from the sleek and uncomplicated contours synonymous with the Norman series, this chair radiates a seamless harmony that elegantly enhances various dining or interior environments. Revel in the realm of possibilities as Jess Designs affords you the liberty to personalize the frame and upholstery of the Norman Chair with arms, meticulously aligning it with your precise preferences. This tailored approach guarantees a bespoke essence that flawlessly resonates with your unique taste and aesthetic.

Earl Outdoor 3 Seat Sofa

Crafted with a robust steel base frame, treated to withstand UV rays, and available in a choice of three timeless colours, the Earl Outdoor Sofa effortlessly exudes durability and style. The implementation of quick-dry foam, known as Dryfeel, ensures efficient drainage of water and vapour, allowing you to luxuriate in ultimate comfort without the worry of moisture retention. Adorned with our signature high-quality fabric, the Outdoor series boasts water-repellent and anti-fungal properties, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. While not entirely waterproof, rest assured that this sofa can handle the occasional rain shower, solidifying its status as a reliable and functional choice for any weather condition.