How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

More than ever before, the outdoors have become the natural extension to many of our homes. Having space to relax, to entertain and to play are more important than ever. But when it comes to looking for garden furniture or a quality piece or two for your outdoor space, what does one choose? With so many options and designs on the market it’s hard to know where to start. So learn how to make the most of your outdoor space with our outdoor furniture guide.

Things to Consider

Before you can decorate your space there are few things you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your purchases. Where you live and what the weather is like will make a huge difference to what you should buy, as will your own personal taste and preferences. So to streamline this process, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 questions – once you can answer them, you’ll have a good idea of what exactly it is you are looking for.

Find them below:

Who will be using the outdoor furniture and for what purpose?

Whether you are settling in or settling down, there are outdoor furniture designs to accommodate every stage of life. From lounger sets for one to styles fit for entertaining to family-friendly options every age can enjoy – it’s important to figure out how the outdoor furniture you buy will be used.

Is your environment urban or rural?

If you live in an urban environment, you are likely to want stackable or folding outdoor chairs as space in cities is a premium. Likewise, outdoor tables that can be folded away or designs with a smaller footprint will be better than anything big and bulky. Lightweight designs are also a must as you are more likely to be moving or rearranging your setup depending on how you want to use your outdoor space.

If you live in a rural environment, you have the advantage of more freedom for personalisation because of the larger amount of space at your disposal. Why stay confined to one outdoor set when you can have a dining area, a lounge area, and even a bar or, depending on your property, a poolside space?

That said, surface finish is crucial no matter where you are located as the weather can wreak havoc on your furniture if it’s not specifically designed for the outdoors. Ensure the outdoor furniture you select has a powder coated or galvanised finish to withstand corrosion (especially if you are near a coast) and/or a protective finish so rain won’t seep into any pieces made from solid wood.

Most designer and luxury brands take these issues into consideration at the start of the design process so you can rest assured that with our outdoor furniture collection, protective surface finishes have already been accounted for.

Do you want your furniture to blend in or stand out?

We live in times where we don’t have to do what is expected, and that includes how we style our furniture. Whether you live in the city or the country, you don’t have to feel obligated to choose outdoor furniture that fits in with your surroundings. If you want a classic wooden garden table and chairs on your city balcony, or colourful, modern designs for your leafy green backyard, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Contrasting styles are not only on trend, but eye-catching too.

Likewise, if contemporary garden furniture is what’s missing on your city balcony, and a subtle, neutral-coloured outdoor set is what your country space is lacking, then match your space. There are plenty of designs that will fit in without being boring.

Feeling Inspired?

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