Founded in 2006, GamFratesi is a cross-cultural collaboration between Danish architect Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi.

GamFratesi represents a meeting of two strong personalities and two design cultures. By drawing on their dual traditional background, Gam and Fratesi’s classic furniture pieces perfectly blend conceptual Italian design and Danish materiality. The designers work strictly with a Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity and functionalism whilst ensuring that a strong emotional story and concept is the backbone of each piece. Creating iconic pieces infused with a curiosity for even the most minute of details, GamFratesi fuses opposites to challenge the status quo with their creations.

GamFratesi’s pieces respectfully reflect their diverse design heritage, imbuing these traditions with new contemporary motifs and stories. Through a deep understanding of tradition and by actively addressing it within a workshop setting, the pair are able to expand on what makes it iconic and timeless. As such, their furniture feels at once familiar and new, as well-known designs are refreshed with a modern, minimalist idiom. Through their exploration of harmonious contrasts, GamFratesi have created a portfolio that perfectly aligns with the philosophy of their frequent design house collaborator, GUBI.

Design Portfolio

Beetle chair

A genuine design classic, the Beetle dining chair is a stunning combination of functionality, elegance and ergonomic comfort ideal for a sophisticated dining experience. Providing a sleek, striking expression, perfect for modern and contemporary dining rooms, GamFratesi’s abstract homage to the characteristics of a beetle can be seen in all aspects of its construction, from four gently tapering legs to the curvaceous, flexible shell.

IOI coffee table

Each IOI coffee table features a beautiful, organic marble tabletop, carefully selected for its colour, texture and veining so that each table has a unique expression all of its own. Supported by three twin legs, each linked by a small solid brass sphere, the coffee table’s carefully considered design is instantly evident. The table is characterised by its ‘sticks and sphere’ motif, reflected in the shape of the letters that form its name, I O I, combining a retro, geometric art deco design with a distinctly contemporary aesthetic.

Flaneur Sofas

Offering complete relaxation and an elegant design, the beautiful Flaneur sofa is a modern reimagining of the 19th century English ‘roll-arm’ sofa. A harmonious balance of precision with sumptuous comfort, an indulgent seat with modular flexibility, and traditional craftsmanship with modern convenience, the sofa delicately fuses contemporary and classic design ideas. The sofa masterfully marries soft cushions and generous proportions with a clean wooden structure, durable metal legs and functional simplicity.