Build Your Own Finn Juhl Panel System

The Panel shelving system is a modern and elegant storage solution designed by Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl in 1953. Juhl was known for his organic approach to design and the Panel System is a perfect example of this, featuring an asymmetrical design that combines solid wood panels and steel supports.

Put simply – the Panel System is a classic and, for those in the know, a must have for the office or home.

Holloways of Ludlow offer a bespoke, complementary service to allow you to create a unique Panel System, to your own specifications. Mark Holloway will guide you step by step through the process of creating your system, rendering an image (below) to allow you to visualise your system before personally tracking the order from sale to build. To take advantage of this service please email

Build your own Finn Juhl Panel System

Alternatively, if you are confident you know what you would like we are able to offer our Build Your Own Finn Juhl panel configurator. Below we will walk you through everything you need to create your bespoke Panel System. 

Step 1 : Add required parts

All Panel Systems require 1 x Start panel and 1 x Endlist. The Start panel measures 78cm width and a height of 200cm. An Endlist is 2.8cm wide and goes at the very end of your Panel System

Step 2 : Add extra panels

Running panels are 78cm width each. Add the amount of running panels you require to fill your space.

Step 3 : Configure your shelving

Panel System shelving comes in three sizes. 22cm, 28cm and 45cm. There is also a Magazine shelf available if you are wanting to display your shelving contents. Select the shelving of your choice, we recommend each panel holds no more than 6 shelves, and please bare in mind your need to accomodate cupboards in the next step.

Step 4 : Finish your look with cupboards and bookends

Cupboards come in 2 sizes, small and large. Small cupboards are the width of 1 panel. Large cupboards the width of 2 panels. Available in a number of colour combinations or veneer. 

Step 5 : Complement your look

Don't forget to complement your look with a table light as iconic as your Panel System. 

Alternatively try the Finn Juhl configurations :