Finn Juhl

Quality and function meet art and beauty.

Relaunched in 2001 and manufactured exclusively in Denmark, House of Finn Juhl furniture fuses modern technology with excellent craftsmanship in order to make the intricate shapes and modern visions of Finn Juhl's classic, mid-century modern designs.


Credited with bringing mid-century modern to America, Finn Juhl was one of the most prolific leading figures in the creation of Danish design in the 1940s. Originally trained as an architect, it was his modern furniture designs that gave him an international reputation. First inspired to make furniture for his own apartment, Juhl tirelessly worked his way to recognition through exhibitions, commissions, and competitions to ultimately having his pieces manufactured in Europe and North America.

Product Style

Despite choosing to focus on designing for the mass market, Juhl is revered to this day for his ability to design around the shape of the human form. By carefully analysing the body’s interaction with furniture, Juhl crafted designs with curves and organic lines that starkly contrasted with the work of his contemporaries. As such, one of his hallmarks was that his designs required seamless joinery to ensure each element effortlessly flowed into the other. Another was his original creation of the ‘floating back and seat’ where the backs and seats of his chairs would seemingly hover aesthetically over their supports. For truly exquisite mid-century furniture, look no further than Finn Juhl.

Iconic Designs

Cocktail Bench

by Finn Juhl

Crafted from solid walnut in an intricate, detailed design, the Cocktail Bench fuses beautifully rounded corners with slender angles to form a truly timeless aesthetic. Originally designed in 1951 for the American brand, Baker Furniture, this elegant bench was relaunched in 2009 and renamed the Cocktail as took its inspiration from the glamourous cocktail parties of 1950s America. A stunning piece for placing in a hallway or along a corridor, it also makes for an excellent display for books and ornaments in a living room.


Glove Cabinet

by Finn Juhl

Designed by Finn Juhl for his wife, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen, the Glove Cabinet broke with design tradition when presented at the 1961 Cabinetmaker’s Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen. A dynamic reinvention of the traditional chest of drawers, this jewelry box-inspired design features Japanese cherry wood, brass detailing and a daring, colourful interior. An elegant yet playful storage space for the home, the Glove Cabinet is an extraordinary tribute to both the past, present and future.


Eye Table

by Finn Juhl

Featuring a unique, three-legged design inspired by the modern art of Picasso and Henry Moore, the Eye Table is a mid-century must-have. Originally designed to perfectly complement the 46 sofa, the Eye Table’s smooth curves, soft edges and beautiful solid walnut or oak frame, allow it to coordinate with almost any set up. Place it next to a sofa or lounge chair, or use it to house flowers, decorative ornaments or books.