Buster + Punch: Next Level Lighting


Buster + Punch is an innovative home fashion label that draws disruptive inspiration from the world of custom motorcycles and the dynamic spirit of London's subculture. Founded by the esteemed architect Massimo Buster Minale, this brand employs rare solid metals and exacting craftsmanship to elevate ordinary fixtures into exceptional home accents. Buster + Punch's lighting selections have garnered immense acclaim, showcasing a diverse range that encompasses custom chandeliers, captivating wall fixtures, and distinctive solid metal pendant lights.

Explore their next level lighting and enjoy an insight into their newest designs.

Things to Consider

Caged Wet - IP44 Rated

Introducing CAGED WET, Buster + Punch's inaugural outdoor and bathroom lighting series designed to complement their Cast Bathroom collection. Caged Wet draws inspiration from the brand's original Caged light, embracing its architectural essence while introducing new elements to ensure its resilience in wet outdoor environments.

Each Caged Wet fixture boasts a meticulously welded metal cage that surrounds its glazing, along with an ornate back panel crafted from sand cast metal. The casting process imbues every lamp with its unique character.

Caged Wet's architectural aesthetic makes it an ideal addition to balconies, patios, landscaped areas, and poolside settings. Within bathroom, sauna, or spa spaces, the cage's structure and the textured surface of its cast backplate add a touch of drama and definition.

Inside the cage, you'll find a solid metal lamp holder adorned with the brand's signature diamond-cut knurling, designed to accommodate their distinctive LED Buster Bulb. To complete the look, Buster + Punch's machined solid metal coin screws add the finishing touches to this exceptional lighting series.

Introducing Forked

Buster + Punch presents Forked, an adaptable lighting series that showcases the brand's passion and expertise in metalworking. Forked seamlessly combines Buster + Punch's innovative casting process with precision machining, intricate hand-spun metalwork, and artisanal handblown glass globes. Designed with modularity in mind, this collection artfully merges the precision of machining with the distinctive aesthetics of casting, offering a fresh realm of interior design possibilities, particularly with its larger scales and diverse shapes.

The Forked debut collection features modular ceiling and pendant lights, available in medium or large sizes. These fixtures can be customized with a hand-spun solid metal shade in a matching finish or a handblown globe in smoked or opal glass. Forked is offered in a range of finishes, including steel, burnt steel, brass, or gun metal, and will expand its offerings over time. Each variation comes with a specially crafted dimmable B+P LED bulb, meticulously tailored to complement the unique proportions of each specific light.

More Next Level Lighting

Heavy Metal Pendant

A sleek industrial design, the Heavy Metal pendant light is a single naked bulb pendant made from solid metal, featuring Buster + Punch's signature diamond-cut, cross-knurl pattern. Finished with a matte black rubber cord and ceiling rose, the light has an E27 bulb socket.

Perfect for placing over a kitchen island or adding charcter to a bedside table, the Heavy Metal pendant light looks best when teamed with one of Buster + Punch's LED Buster Bulbs.

Hooked Wall Light

An eye-catching original design, Buster + Punch's Hooked wall light is made from powder coated metal with a choice of solid brass, stainless steel or smoked bronze detailing. Featuring the brand's signature cross-knurl pattern on the pendant, the body houses a solid metal customising hook which allows the light to be raised and lowered at will. A unique piece for any contemporary home, the Hooked wall light can be hard-wired into a wall or fitted with a surface mounted cable & plug.

Buster + Punch Heavy Metal Cross Chandelier

The Buster + Punch Heavy Metal Cross Chandelier is a truly exceptional bespoke lighting piece that exudes timeless elegance. Crafted with utmost precision, this classic chandelier is customised to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. The chandelier boasts a striking design with 10, 19, or 31 light pendants, each meticulously made from solid metal and adorned with our signature cross-knurl pattern.

Meet the Designer

Massimo Buster Minale: Founder and creative director

Renowned London architect and industrial designer Massimo launched the Buster + Punch home fashion label in 2013. Following a career at Foster & Partners and Richard Rogers, Minale decided to chase his passion and intuition. “I was working as an architect by day and making custom motorbikes by night. In a garage in Shoreditch, East London, I taught myself how to transform stock vintage motorbikes into one-off customs. I made all the parts from scratch and started selling my motorbikes to London’s most notorious individuals. Being an architect, requests soon turned from motorbikes to home fittings, and I set about making everything from door handles to toilet roll holders. The seed was planted and my love child between architecture and motorbikes was born, its name: Buster + Punch.”

“Put simply, my mission is to reinvent forgotten home fittings into the unforgettable.”