Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

Holloways of Ludlow worked closely with designers Concorde BGW to develop the lighting scheme for Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea - Tom Aiken's friendly and buzzing restaurant in Cale Street, Chelsea. We love the trestle tables and simply fabulous, honest food. Each ingredient is sourced from small farmers and the traditional British dishes are simply fantastic. A great place to meet friends and have a relaxed, fun evening.

In the informal restaurant where diners often share tables with other groups, the industrial pendants work perfectly against the backdrop of white brick tiles and exposed brickwork. Above the bar (pictured above and below) is a row of polished aluminium Titan pendants. Also on the walls are Victorian factory windows, hand-polished back to the bare metal and glazed with mirror glass. Holloways of Ludlow supply designers and customers with mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

In one of the separate reception rooms, that can be booked for larger parties, a slightly more formal scheme is used. Here, opal glass pendants popularly known as 'school pendants' hang elegantly above the tables.

Over the upstairs bar hangs a pair of domed pewter pendants.

Date: 6th February 2012
Keywords: Restaurant,Industrial lighting
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