Holloway of Ludlow

Circular Mirrors add accent to any room

8th February 2017

Circular mirrors quickly and easily add style to any space.  There has been a surge in circular mirrors lately, and Holloways is here to help find the perfect mirror.

Rise & Shine wall mirror: One of our newest additions at Holloways of Ludlow, this wall mirror utilises bold forms with an asymmetrical composition to create an unfolding feature within any space.  A softening centre point allows the mirror and counter weight components to push and pull against each other, providing an ever-changing point of reflection. Whether employed for different functions, or simply to create an intriguing interior sculpture, Rise and Shine provides a centrepiece full of balance and movement.  Available in two finishes.

Francis mirror: this mirror evolved from an experiment with pigmentation. The shifting colours on the periphery suggest the oxidation of antique mirrors or hues on a makeup palette. This observational design, with vivid and deep colours, is reflected inside the surface of each mirror by digital printing. The back of the mirror, slightly convex, is suspended through the centre, which allows the mirror to fall forward such as with venetian mirrors.  Available in two sizes in either pink or blue.

Moonrise mirror: The phases of the moon were the key inspiration behind the design of the Moonrise mirror. 
A circular mirror, split into two 'hemispheres', one coloured and one clear. The mirror is oak backed, and offers a simple construction to hang the mirror on the wall. The clever design makes it possible to rotate the mirror and change it's appearance in the interior, fitting the mood and needs of the user.

Adnet Circular Mirror: round leather mirror with brass hinges.  Available in 3 sizes in Tan, Olive Green or Black.

Strap Mirror has a groove around the edge for a sturdy rubber strap that is used to mount the mirror on the wall. Strap Mirror is made in grey steel and comes with a rubber strap and a fitting.

Date: 8th February 2017
Keywords: Circular Mirrors