Holloways of Ludlow Outlet

Introducing your all year round destination for Design at Discount

Welcome to the Holloways of Ludlow Outlet—the go-to destination for exclusive discounts on premium designer furniture and lighting. Here, you'll find a carefully curated selection of products from renowned brands, all at unbeatable prices. Our outlet features items with limited stock, special promotions, and unique pieces that have garnered special discounts due to our strong relationships with top-tier brands. Each piece in our outlet is a blend of quality craftsmanship and exceptional design, ensuring that you not only get a great deal but also a statement piece for your home. 

Why Choose Holloways of Ludlow Outlet?

Our Outlet isn't just about discounts; it's about a commitment to providing you with unbeatable value. We've earned the privilege of offering exclusive deals because of our substantial UK stock holding. This unique advantage enables us to secure discounts that others simply can't match.

We believe in sharing these savings with our customers, making designer furniture and lighting more accessible without compromising on quality. It's important to note that every product in our Outlet is brand new, meticulously boxed, and fully guaranteed. Your purchase awaits dispatch from our Ludlow Warehouse, promising a seamless experience from order to delivery.

Understanding Our Outlet Categories

Outlet: These are brand-new products, residing in our Ludlow warehouse, ready to find a new home. Despite being pristine and untouched, they come with attractive discounts, thanks to our extensive stock holding.

B-Stock: Sometimes, a product finds its way back to us due to various reasons. Rest assured, every B-Stock item has been thoroughly tested and confirmed to be in perfect working condition. While they may have a history, they still carry our standard Holloways guarantees.

Ex-Display: These items have gracefully adorned our store displays, contributing to the aesthetics of our showroom. As our displays evolve, these products seek a new purpose. They've been gently used and are now available at a significant discount, promising both character and savings. Like all our products, they come with our unwavering guarantees.

At Holloways of Ludlow, our commitment to quality remains unwavering across all categories, ensuring you receive excellent value and peace of mind with every purchase.


At Holloways of Ludlow, our commitment to quality remains unwavering across all categories, ensuring you receive excellent value and peace of mind with every purchase.


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Outlet Lighting

Illuminate your spaces with elegance and affordability by exploring our Outlet Lighting collection. Every piece in this selection is brand new and housed in our Ludlow warehouse, promising not only top-notch quality but also unbeatable discounts.

From striking pendant lights to sophisticated floor lamps, our Outlet Lighting encompasses a diverse range of styles to suit your taste and elevate your home.

Whether you're looking for contemporary designs or timeless classics, our Outlet Lighting section is your gateway to exceptional savings without compromising on Holloways' renowned guarantees.

Outlet Furniture

Embrace the perfect blend of style and savings with our Outlet Furniture collection. Each piece, whether it's a sleek dining table, a comfy sofa, or a chic sideboard, is brand new and securely stored in our Ludlow warehouse.

Our Outlet Furniture is selected from our expansive stock, granting you access to exclusive discounts that reflect our purchasing power. These furniture gems, including B-Stock and well-loved Ex-Display items, still carry our hallmark guarantees, ensuring that you bring home not only affordability but also quality and assurance.

Redefine your living spaces without breaking the bank through the unbeatable options in our Outlet Furniture lineup.

Outlet Garden Furniture

Transform your outdoor haven into a stylish retreat with our Outlet Outdoor Furniture collection. Carefully curated and housed in our Ludlow warehouse, each piece promises both durability and design, ensuring your patio or garden becomes a haven of comfort and aesthetics.

Whether it's a weather-resistant dining set, a cozy lounge chair, or a statement outdoor table, our Outlet range offers brand-new pieces at exceptional discounts. Breathe new life into your open spaces while enjoying the assurance of our guarantees, even with B-Stock or Ex-Display selections.

Discover the perfect blend of affordability and outdoor elegance as you explore the myriad options awaiting you in our Outlet Outdoor Furniture collection.