Ones to watch in 2024

10 Products we think will be popular this year

Embark on a journey into the next frontier of design with our carefully curated selection of the most popular products in 2024.

From the chic and contemporary to the timeless and iconic, this collection represents the epitome of innovation and style. Each product has been handpicked from our favorite brands, promising to redefine the way you experience your living spaces. Join us in exploring the future of design and discover the pieces that are poised to make a lasting impact in the coming year.

From outdoor sanctuaries to illuminating interiors, these are the 10 products we think will be big favourites in 2024.

Palissade Patio Collection

by Hay

The Hay Palissade Patio Collection encapsulates the essence of refined outdoor living.

This carefully curated ensemble, featuring two Palissade chairs, two Palissade armchairs, a Palissade dining bench, and a generously sized Palissade dining table, emerges as a design triumph. Crafted with an artist's touch and available in five captivating colors, this collection marries durability with contemporary aesthetics.

The chairs and table, with their sleek lines and minimalist allure, redefine alfresco dining, making it perfect for cozy gatherings under the stars.


Flowerpot VP9 Portable Table Lamp

by &tradition

Channeling the iconic 1968 Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Light, this portable lamp redefines contemporary elegance.

Designed by Verner Panton, its sleek 60's silhouette, vibrant color palette, and versatile metal finishes make it a visual masterpiece. Standing at 29.5cm with a deliberate lightweight design, the VP9 seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Its thoughtful features, including an integrated touch dimmer and USB charging capability, underscore a commitment to modern convenience. With a molded polycarbonate base, steel dimmer, and an illuminating 3-watt LED board, the VP9 is not just a lamp; it's a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

In a world where design meets innovation, the &tradition Flowerpot VP9 shines as a beacon of timeless brilliance.

Anglepoise 1227 National Trust

by Anglepoise

This lamp is not merely a beacon of light; it's a beacon of purpose.

With each purchase directly supporting the National Trust's conservation endeavors, the Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp National Trust Edition stands as a testament to design that not only lights up spaces but also illuminates the path toward meaningful contributions.

A.I. Chair

by Kartell

Embrace the future of seating with the A.I. chair, a groundbreaking product that harmonises cutting-edge design with eco-conscious principles.

Engineered with innovative Autodesk software, the A.I. chair optimises material usage, demonstrating robustness without excess waste. Its injection-moulded construction, derived from recycled thermoplastic, further minimises ecological impact.

Prismatic Wall Light

by Old School Electric

Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and enduring design, this wall light boasts a graceful swan neck arm that adds a touch of refinement to any space.

The Italian prismatic glass lampshade steals the show, expertly diffusing a warm, 360-degree glow while elegantly preventing bulb glare.a versatile choice for kitchens, hallways, or living areas and now available in a Bathroom friendly IP44 version.

Bohemen Hot Tub

by Hikki

This unique hot tub, equipped with a built-in wood-fired stove, delivers a pristine and authentic bathing experience throughout the year.

Its durable yet lightweight construction ensures portability and versatility in any setting. Crafted with meticulous attention, the Bohemen features an inviting oak wood interior capable of holding fresh or saltwater, catering to two adults and two children.

Eschewing complexity, this hot tub offers simplicity and tranquility, embracing the essence of wood-fired bathing without flashy lights or complicated settings.

Hikki's commitment to quality shines through, blending style and functionality seamlessly in the Bohemen.

Louis Poulsen Pale Rose Collection

by Louis Poulsen

Crafted in collaboration with visionary designer Poul Henningsen and brought to life by Louis Poulsen, this collection transcends traditional lighting solutions to become a true work of art.

The lamp's mesmerising pale rose hue, coupled with its adjustable shade and thoughtful design, transforms it into a standout piece that exudes sophistication in any interior setting.

Be sure to impress all visitors with this unparalleled blend of artistic brilliance and functional lighting, a testament to the exceptional standards upheld by Louis Poulsen and Holloways of Ludlow.

Eames Lounge Chair

by Vitra

Meticulously crafted, this iconic piece has symbolized elegance since the 1950s, seamlessly merging timeless design with ultimate functionality.

Immerse yourself in the versatility of the American Cherry variant, available in two sizes and a selection of upholstery options, ensuring it harmonises effortlessly with any interior, be it a contemporary living space or a classic office setting.

Muse Portable Lamp

by Tala

The Muse is the perfect fusion of timeless design and cutting-edge functionality.

Developed in collaboration with Farrow & Ball, it showcases an elegant palette inspired by British pleasure gardens.

Crafted from premium, sustainable materials, this lamp seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern technology, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Piet Hein Bar Chair

by Sibast

Discover a touch of timeless elegance with the Sibast Piet Hein Bar Chair, a standout in a bustling category of Bar Chairs.

Crafted by Danish artist Piet Hein, this masterpiece is renowned for its iconic super ellipse shape, originally designed for the superellipse table. The addition of armrests enhances comfort, reflecting Hein's visionary approach to design.